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Articles submitted by Dr. Suresh C. Anand, as President, 2003, for the Maricopa County Medical Society.

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 January 2003 - Signs of Divergence Rather Than Coalescence! [PDF]

 February 2003 - The Time Has Come [PDF]

 March 2003 - The Privacy Rule [PDF]

 April 2003 - The Chinese Curse [PDF]

 May 2003 - Return to a Semblance of Sanity [PDF]

 June 2003 - Quo Vadis, Managed Care? [PDF]

 July 2003 - Medical Amelioration [PDF]

 August 2003 - A Clash of Interests [PDF]

 September 2003 - Will We Learn From The Experience of Others? [PDF]

 October 2003 - Drug Shopping [PDF]

 November 2003 - At What Cost? [PDF]

 December 2003 - Tempest Fugit! [PDF]

Dr. Miriam Anand was President of the Maricopa County Medical Society for 2014.

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  TRUST. How did we lose it and how do we get it back? (December 2014)

  Are we there yet? (November 2014)

  MCMS in the Community: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow (October 2014)

  My Conspiracy Theory (September 2014)

  Will Care Be There? Is the Question Still Relevant 10 Years Later? (August 2014)

  The Metamorphosis of Medical Education (July 2014)

  Employed or Self-Employed, We All Share a Similar Goal (June 2014)

  Patient starts with us (May 2014)

  Information Overload: Why Running a Practice Continues to Become Increasingly Difficult (April 2014)

  Who pays for healthcare? We all do (March 2014)

  Change Like Never Before (February 2014)

  Nothing is as Constant as Change (January 2014)

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