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How Allergy Injections Have Helped


In an informal survey of our injection patients, 92% of them felt that their injections were helpful. Here's what some of them have to say:

"The injections for allergies have helped me tremendously. Being consistent in getting them during certain allergy seasons have made certain symptoms bearable. I will never go without taking them."

"They have helped keep my asthma under control."

"I have been taking injections for approximately three years. The symptoms - which prompted me to start injections disappeared! My life is more comfortable and allergy symptom free!! I've just started "maintenance" for the next couple of years. My allergies were year round. I tested positive for all but one allergen. Until I started injections, I suffered tremendously, often losing time from work. Now after three years of injections, my life has dramatically improved!"

"My allergy symptoms have decreased an amazing amount. There have been a few days when I've had to use prescription eye drops and or nasal spray, but all in all I am very happy."

"I suffered from terrible headaches and sinus infections when I first moved to the Valley in 2003. After finding Dr. Anand and coming in for injections, my sinus infections have decreased from three or four per year to zero in the last year. Unfortunately I went three to four months without injections until a month ago, and I noticed that my headaches started to return. I have since returned to Dr. Anand, and in three weeks have noticed improvement. No over the counter medications or surgeries have helped as much as these injections I have been lucky enough to participate in. I cannot say enough about the help I have received at this office."

"I believe the injections have helped me in that I don't have as much nasal congestion now, I haven't had a cold in years, I am able to work in the yard without nasal congestion and itchy eyes."

"Since I have been getting injections I have noticed that my allergies are under control. Except for an occasional allergy supplement, I don't have to take medication. I have been in greater comfort than before treatments."

"For the last few allergy seasons, I was regularly taking antihistamines such as Zyrtec and Benadryl. These were taken on a daily basis. Furthermore, last spring I also took Nasonex to help clear the nasal symptoms, helping with a more open feeling for breathing. This year, I have not required Nasonex, and my nasal passages feel clearer. Also, I have not needed to take antihistamines everyday and have been able to spend more time outside (e.g. gardening) without feeling allergies, congestion, and needing to take something. Whereas before I needed (or felt as if I needed) to take allergy pills with me everywhere I go, now I don't believe I need to. I am very happy with the results to date."

"I was only two or three on the scale, which indicated injections may or may not help. I had coughing issues more than breathing issues. I also had continuous colds at times. I would have this condition for six months at a time. My general health has completely turned around. The injections made a world of difference for me and I will always be eternally grateful to all the doctors and staff for what they have done for me. Thanks to all of you again."

"I started the shots about five years ago. Up until that point every year I would experience intensive stuffed nose. I currently have had no symptoms at all. I also do not have to take any prescriptions. My quality of life has improved dramatically. I would definitely recommend shots to anyone having allergy problems."

"I no longer get chronic sinus infections. I still have periodic flare-ups when the weather is bad or a lot of pollen is in the air, but the severity and frequency are greatly diminished."

"Most of my symptoms are not as bad as they used to be. Some are completely gone."

"Less itching and sneezing. I'm very sensitive to the side effects from medications. Injections make it possible for me to minimize medications and maximize relief."

"It may be too early for me to really tell the full benefits; however, since I started the shots, I have noticed a decrease in the frequency of asthma flare ups. I have also been able to manage my sinus problems better."

"When I didn't have injections regularly, during allergy season (spring/fall), not only would I have bad allergy symptoms, they would lead to painful infections. With injections my symptoms are milder and more easily managed along with Astelin nasal spray, albuterol for breathing, and Zyrtec to dry up the drainage."

"Before receiving allergy injections I would have a sinus infection about every month. Since I've been getting the injections I've only had one sinus infection. I was able to go off both allergy medications I had been on. I still suffer slightly during the worst allergy seasons but the injections have certainly helped take the edge off of them. My grandmother has also been receiving them and has had the same great results I have. I would recommend them to anyone suffering from seasonal allergies."

"Less Asthma. Less sensitivity of allergy symptoms. Fewer sinus infections."

"I have noticed an improvement in my breathing and also I am not had my normal symptoms of itchy throat and eyes. Over the counter drugs would not work. Now when I feel the symptoms coming on, minor over the counter drugs alleviate them."

"Ease of symptoms and length of duration. Tremendous difference."

"The allergy shots are helping."

"I had four years of injections in Minnesota for dust, dust mites, and mold. If I had not had those I don't think I would be able to live here in AZ now. When we moved here I was examined and am allergic to several things here. The injections kept my symptoms from getting out of hand."

"Seasonal allergies are much improved. Other environmental allergies are not affected as much. I still have itchiness and irritations caused by soaps, shrubs in the yard, and pets."

"I've had less sneezing and drainage."

"I'm able to breathe through my nose all the time. Before the shots, I had to breathe thru my mouth. My sinuses are clear most of the time and I now, have very few migraine headaches caused from sinus pressure and inflamed sinuses. I am very pleased with the shots."

"I feel that the injections have been very helpful. So far, this season, I am doing very well."

"If I don't get the injections all of the old symptoms come back quickly."

"I can tell when I am three weeks behind getting an injection. I start having symptoms regularly."

"Allergy shots have reduced my vocal/throat problems tremendously. Before the shots I would have trouble breathing and not be able to talk at times. After having the shots my asthma and vocal problems have been significantly reduced."

"I have allergies to trees and grasses - all of them. I have suffered for many years prior to allergy shots. Over the course of five years my allergies have improved enough to where I can now ride with the car windows down - walk in the morning -and leave my front door open sometimes during the morning. Don't know where I would have been without the shots because my allergies are year round and everything blooms in Arizona year round. Not cured but much, much, much better!"

"Symptoms are usually unbearable during this time of the year. However, any allergic attack has been mild and doesn't last as long. I still suffer from occasional itchy and watery eyes, but it's improving."

"When I am not getting injections my nose runs pretty much non-stop. The injections keep my allergies under control and I only need medications a few months out of the year."

"Injections have greatly helped me get through the spring. Despite the windy weather, blowing dust, and pollen I've been very relieved with only a few symptoms. I feel injections really work."

"I used to suffer with runny nose, itchy and teary eyes, sneezing, stuffiness, and sinus problems, but since getting injections regularly since the mid 1980s, I no longer have these symptoms. My overall health has totally improved."

"The change has occurred subtly. After several months, my symptoms have decreased in severity. I still suffer from coughs, post nasal drips, and stuffiness, but these symptoms' extreme severity have dissipated. I no longer awaken every morning with mucus clogging my throat, nor do I have the need to blow my nose as often as in previous years. I feel that my health is improving slowly."

"Over the course of the last year of my receiving my shots there has been a noticeable difference. My allergies are still "acting up" but they don't start as fast as they used to. I feel there has been an impact on my breathing also."

"Prior to starting the injections I was severely congested (nasal). As long as I keep current with the shots, my problems are minimal."

"Since receiving my injections, I rarely need to take allergy medicines. In the past, my allergies were so severe that even allergy medicines only gave enough help so I could tolerate my discomfort. Injections have made a huge improvement."

"I don't need to take allergy pills everyday."

"Less itching everywhere - nose, eyes, and skin. Decrease in sneezing and congestion, less coughing."

"Overall just fewer bad days. During the bad season, the days are not as bad either."

"I was sick all the time a few years ago and didn't have any energy to do the everyday things I used to enjoy. Now, I feel well most of the time and I am back on my active schedule."

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